APRIL 2019

Property: 664 RANCHO VISTA RD

Year Built: 1970

Type: Detached, Single Story

Features: 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,512 sqft

Status: SOLD

🏚 F L I P P E D &  S O L D 🏡 Another flip case closed for my client in Vista, CA!

Represented my client on the initial purchase for this flip opportunity, beating out over 15-20 cash offers. Assembled the flip squad and transformed this bad boy into a single-story neighborhood neck-breaker. Total reno cost went a tad bit above expected budget but well worth it... Listed & SOLD for top dollar 👊🏼. Deal = Sealed. On to the next one....

La Mesa, CA


Property: 4040 Apore St

Year Built: 1960

Type: Detached, Single Story

Features: 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,206 sqft

Status: SOLD

M I S S I O N  C O M P L E T E! Another beautiful flip project completed by Optimum Real Estate LLC. Representing them as Sellers, we found a strong Buyer and negotiated a fast 25 day close! Check out the amazing transformation of this 1960 built home. Deal = Sealed. On to the next one... Coming Soon 👀

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